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Careers at MFAsia

Mitsui Fudosan (Asia) offers a fast-paced, high-growth environment where top performers can excel and all employees have room to learn and build their skills. We combine the international support of one of the largest global companies with a lean, local scale to generate unique opportunities for personal and corporate development. Employees benefit from active mentorship, easy inter-office communication, and on-the-job training like at a boutique firm, while experiencing frequent international retreats and opportunities to break into new markets backed by Mitsui Fudosan’s global resources and experience.

Senior Manager / Business Development
(Indonesia and Vietnam)Bryant Tan

"Be driven, be daring, and have a positive attitude. Dare to challenge the norm, and to confront obstacles. Dare to take on new challenges."

Bryant joined MFAsia in February 2015. Coming from a background in Singapore's Urban Redevelopment Authority, he was looking for an exciting challenge in the private sector. MFAsia provided the perfect fit, and within less than three years he was promoted to Senior Manager and became the first local Singaporean to head up a team in the business development department, taking charge of both Vietnam and Indonesia markets.
Bryant has been interested in Japan ever since he started taking Japanese as a third language in secondary school. In university, he received a Japan Airlines Foundation scholarship for a 1-month exchange program in Japan. When MFAsia reached out to him, he was excited about the challenge. With his degree in computer engineering and background in public sector land use planning, he knew he had a lot to learn. Fortunately, the company recognized his talent and brought him onboard, pairing him with a capable mentor and working under a talented boss. Within 3 years after joining, the team clinched additional 16 deals in Bangkok.

As a key member of the Thailand team, Bryant was immediately able to come in on the projects at every stage of the cycle. Right away, his role included land acquisition, contract negotiations, due diligence, deal closing, project management, sales and marketing strategies, quality control, etc. He was happy to be involved in every stage, and he derived great satisfaction from handing over of the completed units to delighted customers. Throughout, he received valuable mentorship from senior staffs, developing his expertise and understanding of the entire real estate development process. He describes this as an amazing experience.
Bryant wants to help lead MFAsia going forward. In the coming 5-10 years, he wants to increase investments in the region. He wants to seek Tokyo HQ’s mandate to expand into more countries, and to grow our asset types from primarily residential condominiums and retail malls, to offices, hotels, and logistics properties. Internally, he wants to support fellow Singaporean colleagues through improving training and career development programs, and he wants to help the company globalize further. In the long term, Bryant would like to have a bigger role to play in the company and he hopes to one day be part of the senior management to lead MFAsia to greater success.

Manager / Business Development
(Malaysia)Khoo Kok Chen

"I have seen so much progress and advancement in myself since I joined the company."

Khoo’s personal goal is to become a better person who can spread positivity to people around him. His career goal is to become a real estate strategist who can lead a team of people who are always excited to come to work and eager to contribute to company’s success. He feels that the dynamic and positive workplace of MFAsia is the perfect environment to achieve both those goals.
One of Khoo’s main responsibilities is to source joint venture opportunities and development land to expand MFAsia’s residential business in Malaysia. He prepares feasibility studies and market research to evaluate potential deals and subsequently obtain approvals from management up until he can close the deals. Besides his investment functions, he also monitors all aspects of project execution from planning, financing, marketing and construction to project handover. Essentially, it’s Khoo’s responsibility to ensure projects meet return criteria. He also helps the company add value to joint venture projects by transferring and adapting knowledge from Japan to their local operating partners and incorporating Mitsui Fudosan’s brand into marketing.

At any company, such wide and high-level responsibilities would be challenging. Indeed, Khoo says he’s had to learn how to multitask well and work efficiently to manage his work-life balance. But he says the collegial culture of MFAsia in which colleagues are willing to help him to get things done even across departments and levels helps him manage this high-impact workload. What’s more, Khoo sees his job as more than a paycheck. In his words, “I like Mitsui Fudosan’s way of doing real estate business. They put a lot of emphasis on sustainability and value creation.”
Khoo joined MFAsia as he was attracted by their reputation and experience covering a wide aspect of the real-estate development cycle. From the start, he was impressed by the strong accountability of the senior management personnel. They are very much involved in mentorship and the investment decision making process, and made sure to guide him through the whole process in the beginning. He soon found that the job required him to think strategically when dealing with problems, which he loves.
Khoo joined the company looking to learn and grow. He’s been able to do that and so much more, rapidly taking on a lot of responsibility in a challenging high-performance workplace while supported by what he describes as an incredibly collegial team. Khoo says the workplace at MFAsia gives you all the support you need to achieve peak performance and then expects the best, and he’s been pleased with the results.

Manager / Project Management
(Thailand)Niti Sai-ngam

"I would like to become a master of real estate development."

Niti is a mid-career professional excited about the growth opportunities at MFAsia. A project manager, he is responsible for developing and managing projects until their completion. He describes the most rewarding part of his job as being integral to the success of major projects: every day, Niti gets to make an impact.
According to Niti, Mitsui Fudosan’s long history sets it apart from other companies. In his words: “Mitsui Fudosan has strong solid foundation, and has been growing for centuries.” The corporate culture is perfect for professional and career growth: a combination of detail-oriented expert analysis with a cooperative mindset ensuring no-one gets left behind. This combination of professionalism and cooperation comes together in his many brainstorming discussions over new projects, in which he gets to help decide on designs development, pricing and marketing strategy.

Professionally, Niti wants to develop as a super-specialist in the Bangkok condominium market. Leveraging this career into a personal goal, he also is looking to establish a stable, recurring passive income from condominium rentals. He came to the company without financial background, and has been able to develop substantial skills in this respect already--with more to come. Capitalizing on his past investment experiences, he hopes to be a key player in the company’s investment direction in new Thai business development.
Moving forward, Niti is excited for MFAsia to grow its international clout. He expects the company to capitalize on current strengths in terms of sustainability and environmentalism while continuing its current push for stronger global branding and international business expansion. He sees MFAsia as a well-established, aggressively growing company with a supportive culture where he can both grow his skillset and actively contribute to the industry.