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Our Culture

The culture at Mitsui Fudosan (Asia) is empowering and supportive. Small teams collaborate through open communication channels, developing trusting relationships that cross traditional staff/management lines. Our culture is based on good organic relationships, built everywhere from workplace chats to casual after-hours meet-ups, and strengthened through international corporate retreats in Malaysia, Thailand, and beyond.

Manager / Project Development
(Indonesia and Vietnam)Tan Yan Fen

"I’m a really good example of someone who came in unsure of Japanese language and culture, and yet was entrusted with the opportunity to manage a regional portfolio. So don’t be afraid to try, because you’ll have a lot of opportunities."

Yan Fen is a manager in MFAsia’s Indonesia team, based in the Singapore office. Previously, Yan Fen had a long career in Singapore based companies, but soon after she joined MFAsia, she has been impressed by the company’s quality and exceptionally capable colleagues, providing her the opportunities to learn from them.

Over her 3 years with the company, she has seen explosive staff growth of more than fifty percent especially for local staff hires, as well as serious efforts to expand into new markets. Throughout her time, however, MFAsia has never compromised the principle to build real estate that can benefit the society.
Despite colleagues coming from different countries, she has never found communication to be a barrier. Her team can play off one another’s strengths and backgrounds to achieve their goals. In terms of company culture among the three offices in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia, Yan Fen describes MFAsia’s corporate retreats program as a powerful tool. Every year, they conduct two to three retreats between Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Retreats like these also bring international teams closer together, and help create solidarity and friendships between branches.
Yan Fen has treasured this opportunity to grow and learn more about the residential real-estate sector, as well as the first-time experience for overseas developments. Every day brings new and exciting challenges as she jets back and forth to Jakarta weekly to interface with local partners and manages a budding international real estate portfolio.
MFAsia has recently expanded their staff strength. In her role as a manager, she aspires to be a good mentor, reaching out and connecting with the new employees so that they can feel as supported as she did when she first joined. Attitudes like this are typical of MFAsia, where the small office environment promotes authentic connections and fosters caring relationships that transcend hierarchy.

Manager / Business Development
(Malaysia)Lum Wykeen

"I want to bring about a positive change in my home country."

The best part of working at MFAsia is the unique opportunity it offers to learn all about commercial asset investment from the perspective of a major Japanese real estate developer. He joined MFAsia after completing his Master of Business Administration at Tokyo’s Waseda University with the desire to learn more about real estate development and investment and to use his knowledge and future experience to bring about a positive change in his home country of Malaysia. Everyday Wykeen clocks into the office looking forward to two things: first, a chance to wow his bosses, and second, the opportunity to learn and experience something new.

At work, Wykeen really likes how the Japanese and local staff foster a comfortable and respectful relationship with each other both in and out of the office. He can see that MFAsia’s culture of pursuing excellence is ingrained in the hearts of the Japanese expatriate staff and is firmly taking root in the hearts of the local staff as well. Wykeen was happy to discover that MFAsia is different from other Japanese companies in that all of the Japanese staff make an active and concerted effort to understand and adapt to the local culture. For him, this is a vital quality for any foreign person to thrive in today's rapidly evolving business climate.
As a member of the Business Development Department, Wykeen’s role requires him to source for investment and partnership opportunities with local developers for the development of commercial assets. His team focuses mainly on regional shopping centres and outlet concept malls. For Wykeen, the most challenging part of his job is negotiating optimal business conditions that are fair to all parties. Striking this balance and finalizing and sealing the deal make his job worthwhile. He also enjoys traveling for his job as this enables him to learn and experience things from the perspective of different cultures. 
Currently, Wykeen is focusing on learning as much and as fast as he can from his superiors and peers, so he can contribute even more to the achievements of MFAsia in Southeast Asia. He is excited to see the company gradually developing into a leading global company - one where people of all ethnicities, beliefs and backgrounds stand on equal ground and contribute through their own talents towards the future success of the company. He looks forward to joining more of the company’s quarterly get-together trips and monthly group meetings, as these are the platforms for all staff in Southeast Asia to communicate and grow together. MFAsia is just getting started, and Wykeen promises to be an integral part of the journey ahead.

Manager / Project Management
(Thailand)Nattawan Techapiwat

"I look forward to new business ventures in logistics, hospitality and beyond."

As a project manager, Nattawan is responsible for overseeing all facets of a new project from day one. While this can be quite a challenge, she is supported by colleagues and superiors who constantly encourage her to enhance her expertise and explore new business opportunities. Today, she not only manages residential assets but is also engaged in hospitality and logistics projects, which promises to diversify and strengthen her skills.
One of the main reasons she chose to work for Mitsui Fudosan initially was its reputation as a large global organization. What surprised her after joining was the active interpersonal collaboration and mutual support promoted between colleagues in the office. This, she believes, is one reason behind the business’s rapid expansion; within her first two years the company doubled the number of total projects.

For Nattawan, keeping up with new markets and trends in order to adapt to changing politics, regulations and economic conditions is what makes the job interesting and challenging. She makes it a point to always discuss current market situations with her superiors and local partner companies so as to maximize company profit and ensure stable growth.
Nattawan describes the workplace at MFAsia as helpful and cooperative. Everyone is willing to offer advice and share their experiences. She really likes how the company encourages employees to challenge themselves. This is evidenced by the practice of rotating Japanese staff to different job functions and countries so that they can learn and develop new skills. For Nattawan, one thing that sets Mitsui Fudosan apart is its unique know-how and expertise developed over a long history in the industry. Passing down this knowledge enables the company to undertake new pioneering projects in the future.
In addition to ensuring project profitability, Nattawan’s personal goal is to maintain a good work-life balance. She knows that a fulfilling private life is important to her success at work. Professionally, she also looks forward to having more opportunities to travel and get involved in up-and-coming projects. Nattawan hopes that both she and Mitsui Fudosan will continue to become more globally active, adapting to the unique challenges of each new situation they encounter. Moving forward, she promises to strengthen the company’s nurturing work environment so more employees can challenge themselves and grow like she has.